SimplyPositive also offers bespoke business and technical consultancy.

To do this we draw on our own experience and belief in coaching as a solid foundation for business relationships and planning.  From there we add in deep expertise in leadership and IT, including the latest technology advances such as Cloud.

Our current areas of specialism include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Platform automation and engineering
  • Super-lean IT for startups and small businesses

You might have found your way here if you need help understanding buzz words such as: agile, ansible, aws, automation, azure, chef, ci/cd, cloudformation, cloudfoundry, containers, devops, gcp, iot, jenkins, kubernetes, office365, openstack, puppet, serverless, terraform….or a few others.

You might feel more comfortable talking in terms of: growth, loyalty, productivity, profit, retention, revenue, satisfaction….and we’re cool with that too.

All consultancy is priced and delivered based on a services contract.