I was looking for a Youth Coach who could guide my transition from career coaching to life coaching.  After some research, I came across Kathrine and contacted her.  From an initial chat it became clear to me that she would be a great mentor for me. I had four mentoring sessions with Kathrine and achieved everything I wanted to get out of it. The process supported me to make a clear plan and along the way my knowledge and confidence grew. Kathrine has a wonderful way of helping you get the most out of the work you do with her and her wealth of knowledge and genuine desire to support others, shines through and underpins your progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathrine for anyone looking for a mentor and coach to help them achieve their goals and overcome difficulties that are getting in the way of their progress. 

Sarah, Career Coach, Suffolk, UK

During my time of being mentored by Kathrine, I learned two main things. The first was how to prepare and plan in order to achieve my goals. Being encouraged to push all the doors of possible opportunities has really helped me become motivated and focused for my future career. Secondly, Kathrine has helped me learn how to let go of day to day anxieties and become more focused on getting the most out of the present moment. I would recommend being coached or mentored by Kathrine to anyone wanting positive change and growth in their personal life, academics or career.
Abi, 3rd Year Psychology Student, Reading University, Berkshire, UK

Kathrine is an amazing woman and coach. She is so open and honest and talking to her is like a breath of fresh air. Her style is very personable, enthusiastic and positive. She makes the greatest challenge feel achievable and you will leave feeling empowered to move forward.
Sofia, Working Mum, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

I have found Kathrine’s help and advice extremely helpful in dealing with my anxiety. Although I was nervous about starting the sessions at first, Kathrine made me feel at ease straightaway and I am so glad I chose Kathrine as I have reduced my anxiety and now have lots of techniques that I can use whenever and wherever I am.
Victoria, University Student, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK.

A very informative and useful Mindfulness Course. Kathrine provided lots of information about all aspects of Mindfulness and how to lead a mindful life. Following the four week course we now have some good tools to take away with us and develop our own individual Mindfulness practice.
Senco and Bridge Staff, St Crispin’s School, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK.

I loved the comfortable and relaxed environment that Kathrine creates for young people, one in which they could feel at ease and explore the symptoms and triggers of anxiety and stress. Her understanding of the needs of working with young people and her enjoyment of it is very apparent. I particularly liked the way she broke down the causes of stress (linking it to evolution and the human body) to transform it from being an ‘out of bounds’ topic to one that the young people could discuss freely together, enabling them to work towards useful and applicable solutions.
Holly Glasson, Assistant Programme Manager, The Challenge, Reading, UK, NCS

I liked that Kathrine’s workshop got us to define anxiety and stress. I now feel that I have creative ways to deal with my anxiety including using the alphabet!
Lucy Wallis, age 17  

I found Kathrine very engaging. Something I will take away from her workshop is to pay attention to anxiety triggers in myself.
Daniel Smart, age 16

Something that I really enjoyed in Kathrine’s workshop was the relaxed, informal atmosphere. I now feel I know much better how to manage my anxiety and stress.
Isabella Anderson, age 16 

I first met Kathrine on a life coaching course last year. Her skill and passion for coaching was clear from the start and she was incredibly friendly and welcoming to us all. Throughout the training Kathrine gave very valuable and clear feedback to me on my approach and guided me to see how I could improve.
I have kept contact with Kathrine and have often let her know how my coaching is going and new ventures I am taking on. She has always been very supportive by giving me feedback, answering questions and helping in any way that I have asked.
Kathrine is an excellent coach, who shows incredible passion to support people to reach their potential. I recommend Kathrine to all.
Holly Crosby, Life Coaching Diploma Student with Achievement Specialists Ltd

Kathrine trained and qualified with Achievement Specialists on the Life Coaching Diploma Accredited to Level 7 by the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) in July 2014.
Since qualifying, Kathrine has worked with me in delivering many training events over the last few years and is 100% dedicated and totally reliable. She always makes a great contribution to the atmosphere of the group and is a strong facilitator. Her expertise in coaching, along with her knowledge and specialisms such as effective communication and stress and anxiety, make her a perfect fit for my students. Kathrine also has the flexibility and competency to go “off piste” with even the most challenging situations in order to obtain successful outcomes for all.
I highly recommend Kathrine as a coach facilitator or trainer. It has been a pleasure to work with Kathrine and to see her business grow and develop. Go Kathrine!
Curly Martin, International Bestselling Author, Director, Coach. Achievement Specialists Ltd

I am so pleased that Kathrine and SimplyPositive were recommended to me, as the difference in my son’s state of mind and approach to his exams (‘A’ Levels) is remarkable.
ST, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK. 

Kathrine has been running Life Coaching sessions at Oakbank school since December 2015 and recently ran an exam anxiety workshop for a group of year 11 students. I had the opportunity to participate in the workshop and support the students as they engaged in activities. Their attention was good and they engaged well, in particular, with the interactive activities. The Mindfulness exercise was particularly successful and well facilitated which enabled students to experience the benefits. The workshop enabled students to become aware of their triggers and symptoms and introduced them to coping tools and strategies. Kathrine has a very sensitive approach towards students and throughout her work helps students to overcome issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem and managing their behaviour. I would highly recommend this workshop to other secondary schools in the run up to exam period.
Rosie Edwards, Pastoral Assistant, Oakbank School, Reading, Berkshire, UK.

Recently I have participated in life coaching sessions in my secondary school with Kathrine. The sessions are really worthwhile and if you take advantage of the opportunity your life can improve any way you want it to and you can focus on making better decisions. They help with anxiety, understanding your emotions and thinking positively.
A Year 10 Secondary School Student, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on two coaching sessions that Kathrine was running at a local school. I am a hypnotherapist working with young people and after speaking to Kathrine I wanted to see how her coaching sessions were benefiting students in the schools that she works with.
From the beginning Kathrine easily gained rapport with each student, putting them at ease. They quickly felt listened to and understood, which I could see made them more comfortable to share the problems that they were struggling with. Kathrine had a wealth of suggestions and ‘toolbox techniques’ for each student, which were ways of helping them to overcome negative thoughts, anxiety and low confidence and to build new ways of thinking.
From even this first session I saw the students leave a little bit brighter, more optimistic about how they might feel in the future and clutching a set of tools to practice and learn from.
I am disappointed that I will not be able to watch these young students through their full coaching sessions, but I am sure that they will succeed in the future, thanks to Kathrine.
Louise Carter, positivethinking Hypnotherapy, Berkshire, UK

Following a recommendation from another school, Kathrine has been working with us since 2015 .  She is extremely passionate about her work with our children, offering an alternative to counselling which we are reaping the rewards from.  Kathrine takes the time to constantly update me on the child’s progress and we have all been extremely impressed with her knowledge and rapport with the students.  Adopting life coaching with Kathrine in our school has been one of the greatest decisions in our pastoral world we have made for some years and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Railton Blyth, Assistant Headteacher, St Crispins School, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

Kathrine Smith has worked at the Emmbrook School as a life coach in a voluntary capacity since April 2014.
She works with young people supporting them emotionally and practically on how to manage their lives and their studies. Kathrine is committed and effective in her work. She reports back regularly regarding issues that she encounters with the young people and has been involved with meeting parents and sharing good practice.
She is absolutely reliable and is passionate about the work that she does, often going beyond and above what is expected of her.
She is valuable colleague and a valuable member of the team.
Lorraine Abbott, Pastoral Team, Emmbrook School, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK.

Kathrine’s warm empathetic approach instantly relaxed me and her questions really helped in guiding me to solutions consistent with my values that I felt very motivated about implementing. Kathrine is very encouraging and supportive which helped build my confidence and over the time we worked together I felt my confidence increased significantly. Kathrine demonstrates an outstanding capability as a coach and I really enjoyed working with her.
Helen R, Inverness, UK

Kathrine attended our Life Coaching Diploma which has been Accredited by the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring level 7 and she passed the course with flying colours. She is a compassionate, enthusiastic and professional coach who always works for the clients best intentions. She is generous, genuine, honest and cares deeply about the successes of her clients. If you are lucky enough to get onto her coaching list you will consider yourself blessed. I highly recommend her as a professional life coach.
Curly Martin.  International Bestselling Author, Director, Coach.

I received amazing help and support from Kathrine in rebuilding a relationship with my son when communication had broken down between us. Her warm and kind nature guided me to see things from both sides and build better communication skills with him. Not only did she help him as he was struggling through some difficulties through his teenage years and made him feel more confident and positive she helped me too.   She should definitely be having parenting workshops for communicating with teenagers as I have learnt so much about myself from her.   It has allowed me to have a more positive relationship with my son and enjoy time with him and also talking to him without conflict. Thank you.
Nina, Hampshire, UK

Following my coaching session with Kathrine, I have had the confidence to change my career and I feel so different. I have even driven all the way to Derby on my own as I have never driven that far before. My new business venture is exciting and I am enjoying all the new learning and training. Thank you Kathrine for giving me the courage to make the change. I cannot thank you enough.
Sandra, Berkshire, UK

Kathrine has coached me through a number of difficult times I have had with my horse. She is honest, open minded and achieves results in a very encouraging way. She is an excellent listener and communicator and thinks outside of the box. Her coaching style is all about positive reinforcement and building confidence and she always sees things from my perspective. Happy and thoroughly motivating is what Kathrine is and I would not hesitate to use her again in the future.
Sue, Berkshire, UK

Kathrine has been helping me with some longstanding issues. She exudes positivity and has worked with me to enable me to formulate some simple but effective solutions to help achieve greater success in key areas. I recommend her professional services wholeheartedly. Kathrine is a very warm and approachable person and is committed to helping her clients achieve their personal goals.
Chris, Berkshire, UK

The first thing that strikes me when I’m with Kathrine is the relaxed environment, the room is always welcoming. She always makes me feel very comfortable and I find it easy to open up to her and be honest. She makes me look at things from a different perspective, and helps me answer my own questions. Once the session is over, I get a sense of positive motivation.
Jasmine (Age 14), Berkshire, UK

Kathrine, I want to thank you for this weekend. You, were amazing and actually blew my mind. You are a fabulous mentor and having you there sharing your skill and knowledge was a tremendous help. Thanks so much.
Nicky – Stoke on Trent, UK