10 Things A Parent Can Do to Help With Exam Stress!

This week I have been talking to my students about their experience and feelings as their exams get closer. Most of them talked about the increase in pressure and stress from school although some did say pressure and a lack of understanding at home can be a worry too. Here are some of the things they thought parents could do to assist them – mainly by having a calmer and more relaxing environment at home in the final run up to their exams:

  • Be active in their revision planning and preparation process
  • Put their revision timetable up where everyone can see it at home
  • Communicate with them before making social commitments or arrangements that involve them during their study leave and revision periods
  • Leave them  alone, don’t come into their room when they are working and respect their space, avoid breaking their concentration
  • Ease off on household chores
  • Organise fun things with them to break up intense revision sessions
  • Understand their stress levels and avoid/deflect provocation, especially with siblings
  • Offer to host a group study session followed by chill out time with friends, as individual study can be isolating and boring
  • Make their favourite foods so they have something to look forward to after long periods of revision
  • Hug them and be patient with them

I will certainly be taking their advice as my daughter goes into her final term before her ‘A’ Level examinations start in May.

There are so many great reasons as to why I love coaching young people, not only are they fun to work with, I learn from them too and they introduce me to great music and new technology. How amazing is that!

If you know of someone that is struggling in the run up to their exams and would benefit from some anxiety coaching then please contact me.