A Surprising Result

I was standing in the coffee shop queue this week and a soft voice called my name. I turned round to see one of my old school students smiling back at me.

It was so lovely to catch up and hear all about what my student had been doing and where they were going on to study. What I also noticed was their positivity, focus and happiness. This was amazing as my student had previously really struggled with several aspects of life and life in general was a very dark and miserable place for quite some time.

The transformation was stunning and it definitely made my day. It had me beaming for the rest of the afternoon as this was a student I had coached for almost a year and had grown to know very well. Knowing that I have played a small part in making a difference to their life is the whole reason I do my job and it is times like these that make me feel very happy and proud to do what I do.

If you know of a young person that is struggling with life in one way or another and would benefit from life coaching, then please contact me.