Are your 2015 Goals already a thing of the Past?

Did you start the year full of enthusiasm, motivation and determination to make changes and achieve new goals – only to find you are struggling to maintain that change and feel like giving up?

Still want to succeed? Then spend a little time looking at your progress and make a note of:
1) What went well?
2) What has disappointed you?
3) How do you feel about your progress?
4) What needs to happen next?
5) Who could help you?

Was your goal realistically achievable from the beginning? If not then what needs to change for you to achieve success? Perhaps there are other, smaller goals that need to be completed before you can go on to obtain ultimate success. If something hasn’t worked, change your approach and keep trying until you start to see progress towards your desired result. Don’t be put off if things don’t quite go to plan. My own weight loss journey has been full of ups and downs but my determination to be healthy and fit so that I can see my family grow up is still the objective that drives me forward.

In my experience, any significant change that you want to make long term will require changing your mindset and habits to succeed. To change a habit, something has to be repeated between 40 and 70 times before our brain starts to realise that we want to make a permanent change rather than just trying something new.

Don’t beat yourself up if things have not quite gone to plan. Draw a line under what you are not happy about, then look at what you have done and what you have learnt and take that forward. Incorporating fun and happiness into your goal will increase your probability of success tenfold. Have a great week and focus on that finishing line – and who knows what you will achieve along the way.