Change, Mindset and Success. Do you have what it takes to make it happen?

We make changes in our lives on a regular basis but not all of those things stick and become habit or routine. Frequently old habits slip back and so does that sinking feeling of disappointment.
Why does that happen? I ask myself.
The answer is to do with mindset. It took me until my mid forties to realise it was not just about the action I had to take to change something but also my mindset before I decided to change, then my mindset during the process of making the change and my final mindset – which was going to mean my continued success leading to permanent lasting change.

Change is usually prompted by an event or circumstance which makes us think about our current situation and are we satisfied with it? If not, then something needs to happen but before starting on the journey a number of questions need to be answered:

Why do I want to make a change?
What will the benefits be if I make this change?
Do I really want to change?
Will it be realistic and sustainable?
Do I need help from other people and if so, who?
Am I currently in the right frame of mind to make this change?

Understanding the reasons for making a change – and the benefits it offers us – enables us to create the right mindset for success. Positive language and using the words ‘I will’ and ‘I must’ gets the brain ready for action and our success rate is significantly increased.

Over the last several years I have lost a considerable amount of weight which has been down to eating a healthier diet and taking regular exercise. When I started out on my journey my mindset regarding exercise was that I felt pleasure if I avoided physical activity and saw that as a bonus. After several years of exercising and experiencing first hand the health benefits of feeling and looking fitter, I have now changed my mindset to feeling uncomfortable when I do not exercise and I don’t feel happy until I do some sort of activity.

Making  a new habit does not happen overnight and requires a lot of dedication, hard work and repetition. Scientists state that for a change to become a habit, it requires us to repeat that action between 40 to 70 times before our brain accepts it as the new regime. Also having congruency between what we say and what we do is a must. There is no point changing if you are not going to ‘walk your talk’. Just talking about doing something is not going to make it happen and will certainly not change your mindset. Understanding your change and why it needs to happen, taking action and believing success is achievable will lead to a determined and clear mindset and a successful outcome.