Coaching for Revision Success

It is that time of year again where Year 11 students start to go into panic mode as mock exams are knocking on the door and actual exams are becoming a reality.

Coaching my students through the exam process on a one to one or group basis enables them to build confidence, manage stress levels and create a strategy for success. Here are some of my top tips for organising time and staying calm during a very busy year:

  • Create a revision timetable
  • Build a spreadsheet including all subjects, current grades, predicted grades, areas for improvement, who and what can be of assistance – (this spreadsheet should really be updated regularly throughout the academic year)
  • Weekly planning –  incorporating homework, revision, social commitments and fun activities
  • Communication – share your commitments to avoid unexpected demands on your time

By doing all of the above, students can plan, prepare and schedule their time and keep control over their busy lives. It enables them to identify their current progress and then arrange help and support regarding areas for improvement. Staying in control of their time means that stress is manageable, anxiety is kept to a minimum and the chances of getting overwhelmed is greatly reduced. Communication within the family – for example being clear on family activities and other schedules – is key for avoiding surprise demands on work timetables.

If you know of a young person or group of students that would benefit from coaching in their final year then please contact me.