Determination and Resilience

Coaching young people means that my working week is never predictable or dull and I am constantly surprised and sometimes amazed by their achievements. I am currently working with a student who has serious home life issues which I will not talk about  here.

What has surprised me has been the impact on this student’s attitude.  While I might have expected the  situation to have a negative impact, it has actually caused her to focus on school work and revision which has driven a high standard.  This determination and resilience, coupled with or in spite of the situation, means she is on target for excellent results in upcoming exams.

Often, I am engaged by schools when behaviour, results and engagement have already taken a turn for the worse, so I was very pleased to be brought in before any of these issues had arisen.  It certainly allowed my work on motivating and supporting the student to find her own development path to have an impact.

Bringing her own determination and resilience, I am sure that the school’s proactive approach to their student will be rewarded.

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