Don’t Beat Yourself Up!!

Weight loss journeys can be difficult and you may feel as though you cannot enjoy social occasions. In reality, of course we all can – but it does mean making different choices and applying damage limitation where possible.
I have had a birthday this week and also a long weekend away. At first I was concerned with how I would cope but after some consideration I decided to go and enjoy myself within reason and then deal with things when I returned to the UK.
I used the sight seeing opportunities as exercise and walked around as much as possible which also helped with the digestion of several heavy lunches and evening meals plus the consumption of more alcohol than usual. I also decided that while I was drinking wine I would go without cake with my coffee as a compromise.
I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, having ridden a Segway around Budapest, pedalled my way through the Central Park on a beer bike and had some fantastic Asian Fusion food at the Buddha Bar restaurant. I am now back in the UK and my focus is on planning and preparing for the coming week.
I will be planning my meals, which will help me create my shopping list of healthy foods to get me back on the wagon and into my little black dress for the Christmas party. I will be stocking up on fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken and limiting my treats this week. If there are no goodies in the house then I find I am rarely tempted.
My plan will include more vegetarian dishes this week, plus lots of homemade vegetable soup to help me get back on track. Exercise will also be very high on my priority list.
I will look back over my super week and appreciate the whole experience but then move on with the determination to stay on track for my Christmas goal by making some slightly different food choices.
Life does not have to be mean and miserable when losing weight but returning your focus to your weight loss goal and getting back on track quickly reduces the damage to the progress you have already achieved. After having a rest from healthy eating, take action and get back into the groove as soon as possible. Don’t beat yourself up, just draw a line under it, appreciate the good times, and continue with your healthy choices.