How My Coaching Work Has Changed

When I started my coaching practice three and a half years ago I was not expecting my youth work to grow in the way that it has.

My work with young people in local secondary schools has completely changed since I started out, and my experience of coaching teenagers around educational pressure and the problems it brings has grown exponentially.

My coaching work has expanded from one to one and group student coaching work to facilitating and training teaching staff and working with social services and parents. I have even done home visits and coached students who are unable to get into school for a particular reason. These visits have enabled me to assist pastoral teams to improve student performance and attendance whilst supporting my students and their parents as well.

It has certainly been an interesting journey so far and I know there is even more change to come. I am looking forward to seeing how the next year develops and where my coaching work is going to lead me. As a person who enjoys change and variety I cannot wait to see where my work takes me next.

If you are a school or educational environment that would benefit from working with me or you know of a young person that is struggling in life then please contact me.