Less Stress More Fun!

The countdown is now on for many young people as they begin to switch their focus from education into holiday mode. Many may have no plans at all for the extended holidays, and this is perhaps understandable given the long academic year they have just completed.

This week, I have been coaching my students with regards to setting specific (mostly fun) goals to achieve over the summer break and utilise their leisure time wisely.

Some have done this by writing a paper wish list and others by creating an activity spreadsheet considering:

  • Priority
  • Date
  • Costs
  • Dependencies
  • With who?

Young people quickly understand that planning and preparing in a structured way can be just as important for their holiday time as in their education.

Having fun, being happy and feeling good will assist in reducing stress levels and put them in a positive position for the new school year.

Happy summer holidays to all my students and remember to be open-minded, try new things and do something different. I look forward to hearing all about your exciting experiences and achievements in September.

If you know of someone who requires motivation and direction from a transformational coach then please contact me.