Mindset Strategies for Success

This week I attended a very useful and informative workshop at The Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA) regarding Mindset Strategies for Competition Success. The workshop was taken by Helen Rennie, an Equestrian Performance Coach and author of the book Transform Pressure To Power.

Helen explained how to manage your Mindset and covered techniques that would:

  • Overcome nerves and indecision – at intense moments
  • Beat the freeze – powering through hesitation and overthinking
  • Focus and concentrate – retaining control of your performance

The workshop was interactive and included several exercises to help understand where your specific nerves come from and what situations cause you problems. Understanding these issues makes dealing with them much easier and assists in building confidence and can revolutionise  performance.

Helen’s techniques are practical, real life tools that could easily be used in any environment – not just in the equestrian arena.

Learning about¬†Helen’s mindset strategies¬†for success has given me a lot to think about, especially regarding my coaching students. I am looking forward to school next week and seeing what results I can help my students achieve by utilising these strategies.

Have an outstanding week and if you know of a young person who is struggling with confidence, low self-esteem or panic and anxiety then please contact me.