Motivation and Achievement

The final countdown to my Moonwalk is here! This time next week I will have completed The Moonwalk London 2016 and achieved my goal to raise money for Breast Cancer.

When I decided to do the Moonwalk I had no idea what  it really involved or what the time commitment  would be. It has been a huge learning experience for me. My job as a coach and mentor has most certainly enabled me to achieve my training requirements and get results by pulling from my knowledge and skill-set.

I really have had to practice what I coach my school students! Here are some of the things I have had to do to complete my training plan:

  • Set clear and specific goals
  • Plan, prepare and practice walking routes and techniques
  • Measure and monitor my progress
  • Recognise and reward my own achievements
  • Push myself outside of my comfort zone
  • Be determined and persevere, even when the going was tough
  • Use my specific support network
  • Use my toolbox of coping strategies when I hit ‘The Wall’ to push myself through the pain barrier
  • Listen actively to what others had to say and picked up useful information to assist me on my journey
  • Communicate to friends and family around what I needed to achieve

I have received some fantastic support from my friends and family and I would not be where I am today in my training if it was not for them. Their love and support has really helped to motivate and push me through to achieve results that I did not know I was capable of. It really is surprising what can be achieved when we put our minds to something.

I have 3 more training walks to do then a couple of days of rest before I go into London next Saturday. I look forward to posting next week and letting you know how I get on. If you would like to support me in my Moonwalk which I have dedicated in memory of the fantastic Stephanie White and to raise money for Breast Cancer – please go to my donation page.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.