New Year Strategy, Skills and Horses!

I have had an excellent week thinking about my objectives for the coming year, planning my strategy of how I am going to achieve my desired results and I am now focused and ready to go.
I have looked at what went well last year and what disappointed me which tells me what I need to do more of, what I need to avoid and also what new and different things that I need to consider.
On trying something new, I was fortunate enough to have an equine assisted learning and coaching session last week with Claire Misson from Mirror Me. Working with a team of horses we worked through a number of activities to develop communication skills, self awareness, personal effectiveness, relationship management and negotiation skills. The horses provided me with so much information about myself and my skill set and where my strengths are and what areas I need to improve on. The session provides opportunities to develop confidence, self-esteem and increase success for individuals or groups in business and leadership.
The outcome from the session was very interesting for me and has given me much food for thought about my skill set. I thoroughly enjoyed doing something completely different. I am not really a New Year resolution sort of person but my focus for this year is to do and experience different things and see what results I get rather than doing the same old stuff. Who knows what will happen but what I have learnt about myself is that if I am interested in something and it is meaningful to me then I change my routine and make it happen so that it becomes a habit.  Do you think you could do something different this week and have a new experience that could make a  lifestyle impact?