Results Based Coaching

I have had a fantastic week in school and have seen three of my students complete and sign off their objectives. It is such a rewarding experience seeing the difference coaching makes to young people and the change it brings in their approach to life.

All three students had confidence, self-esteem, panic and anxiety struggles as well as emotional  confusion regarding anger, frustration and lack of choice or control.

Taking a holistic approach, we initially discussed all areas of their life from health, relationships, school, fun and contribution goals to career aspirations. The students were able to identify areas for improvement and put a strategy together to successfully achieve their goals.

Building a toolbox of strategies for each student was essential in order for them to overcome panic and anxiety. These strategies then require lots of practice to determine which ones work for each individual student and which ones they want to use in the future.

Finding out what they are good at both in and out of school is a great exercise and switches the focus to what they can do rather than what they can’t. It also tells them what they need to do more of to increase their happiness and experience that positive sense of achievement. This enables them to build confidence and self-esteem and identify their particular talents and skills.

Working with young people has also enabled me to learn so much about their world. I have been exposed to lots of new music, some of which I really enjoy. My knowledge of social media and technology is also increasing. Finally, understanding the pressures young people are under from home, school and their peers means I can be familiar with their world, build a relationship of trust and increase the probability of them opening up to me.

Before signing my students off I ask them to complete a student feedback form. The comments I received this week confirmed to me again why coaching is such a productive approach for young people:

  • Your sessions are very natural and relaxed and you don’t tell me what to do
  • I now feel happier talking about my feelings/emotions
  • I am so much happier and want to smile more
  • I now realise that I do have choice and control in my life
  • Being able to open up without being judged
  • I have enjoyed working with Kathrine it’s made my confidence boost
  • Kathrine has helped me to be a changed/better person
  • I feel that I have been taught how to deal with life
  • Planning and preparation is the key to success

If you know someone who needs coaching to assist them with a particular issue then please contact me.