Weigh less at Christmas?

Whether you want to look gorgeous at the Christmas party or you just want to be healthier and fitter, now is the time to do something about it. Do not let time slip by, take action now and picture how you will look and feel in 6-8 weeks time.
Changing your lifestyle does not mean you have to go on a diet or join a slimming club, although these can help if you have longer term goals. Think about your daily routine and habits and decide if some of these need to change to allow you to achieve your goal.
If you always sit in front of the TV in the evening and snack on food that you really don’t need to eat, then the pounds will increase. But if you go and do something different that takes you away from the food adverts and puts your focus elsewhere then it is surprising how food is no longer a priority.
Just recently I have started to learn to crotchet and I find that if my hands are busy with the needle and wool and I am concentrating on the pattern, I don’t have the brain capacity to think about food and therefore nothing goes in my mouth.
I also walk instead of using the car whenever possible to increase my activity and it is kinder to the environment plus more cost effective for me.
I no longer place things at the bottom of the stairs to go up later, I take them up straight away.
I have bought myself a pedometer to monitor my daily steps, this is actually fun to use and a great incentive especially if I am getting near a daily milestone.
Smaller plates and smaller portions will certainly help with your weight loss. Increasing vegetable portions, reducing consumption of red meat and substituting it with Quorn will also help. Dishes such as Quorn chilli and bolognaise can be very tasty, particularly with fresh herbs and spices.
Looking at your habits and routines, making small changes now and doing something different are all steps you can take so that Christmas can be a positive, comfortable and happy time for you.