What does a Life Coach do?

A life coach can enable you to remove the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your goals or dreams. Life coaching takes a holistic approach, meaning that the coach will cover a broad, all-encompassing range of areas intended to uncover a deep understanding of you and your life.

Typically life coaching looks at these areas of life:


By looking at all these areas it allows the individual to decide what is important to them in life and what their core beliefs are. Quite often people can have conflict between their core values and how they are living their life which can lead to stress and anxiety. A life coach is not a therapist and does not give advice, they are completely confidential and provide a non-judgmental service. Using a mixture of directional and non-directional coaching methods they encourage clients to search within and find the answers to enable them to create a plan for success. Clients need to be committed and prepared to take action in order to get their desired results.

Some of the benefits of Life Coaching are:

Enhanced decision making skills
Increased confidence
Learning new or different perspectives
Greater interpersonal effectiveness
Improvement in productivity
Satisfaction with work and life
Achievement of goals
Greater self-esteem

It is very important to find a life coach that is best suited to your personality and style, who inspires, motivates and energises you and will lead you to future success. If you have any questions or are looking for a life coach please contact me.