A Very Interesting Week

Just a short post this week as it has been a very busy week for me both on the coaching and business front.

First I attended Thames Valley Expo, a new business seminar at Green Park in Reading. I met some interesting local business people offering a variety of innovative services. I made some useful new contacts especially in a ladies networking session and also met up with a colleague who I have not seen for many years from my days in the oil and gas exploration business. He has since gone on to set up his own company and we will be arranging to catch up very soon.

I then tried something new which made me step outside my comfort zone. I participated in speed networking and what an interesting experience it was. I met some fascinating individuals, gained knowledge about lots of different people and their business operations and acquired lots of business cards in forty five minutes. It was very noisy and I had a dry throat afterwards but it was great fun. I would advise drinking plenty of water before, during and after speed networking to keep your focus, concentration and hydration levels topped up and prevent coming away with a headache. If you have not tried it then go and give it a go and see what you think.

Following on from that I have spent the weekend assisting Curly Martin from Achievement Specialists Limited, coaching her new set of Life Coaching Diploma students in London. There is no better way to spend a weekend than meeting new people, watching and assisting them on their developmental journey and seeing an amazing coach and mentor in action. After the weekend, I have come away even more excited, energised and motivated, and I know my coming week will be an outstanding one.

An very interesting week indeed!