Why I Coach Young People

Working with young people and coaching them to a happier and more successful life is such an amazing experience for me. Observing my students on their transformational journey and seeing the difference it makes is certainly what motivates and drives me forward.

The Berkshire schools I work with present me with a constant stream of challenging young people and this enables me to use my creativity, intuitive nature and outside of the box thinking to coach students towards successful, strategic solutions.

I have had some outstanding feedback this week from a student at one of my schools, which is always a great experience for me.

My pupil’s feedback form explained that having the opportunity to talk to me regarding things that she could not talk to other people about and being encouraged to be more open were most useful to her. Our sessions had enabled her to:

  • Be more confident towards others
  • Feel more strong as a person
  • Talk to people about problems or issues
  • Remember what personal qualities she has

As far as the need for further improvement, she felt there was nothing more I could do as she had improved enough. She thanked me for all that I had done in making her feel better about herself and how to cope through hard times and she would be sorry not to see me next week.

The school totally agreed with the student feedback and confirmed that since the start of our sessions there had been no further visits to her form tutor which previously had been a regular occurrence. An excellent result for both my student and the school.

There is no better job for me than coaching life and soft skills to young people and seeing the benefits they gain from it as they move towards adulthood. Observing the transformation and improvement in their confidence and self-belief when they overcome obstacles, fears and insecurities, then watching them take action to get their desired result, is absolutely amazing. That is what inspires me and makes me so passionate about what I do.