Amazing Opportunity for University Students

I have had a awesome weekend watching my Goddaughter playing sport and having fun at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

As part of the University Officers’ Training Corps (OTC), she was participating in the Queens Challenge Cup (QCC). The QCC tournaments included Netball, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Orienteering and Tug of War. The teams consisted of students from a variety of UK Universities. There were teams from Exeter, Sheffield, Southampton, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and more.

It was amazing to see both male and female students coming together from different parts of the UK to compete in the sporting events. The students also have the opportunity to socialise and get to know one another in the officers’ mess in the evening.

The atmosphere, social interaction and banter between all the students was great to see and a good time was had by all.

Since joining OTC my Goddaughter has also been skiing and plays polo and how amazing that she gets paid to try  different things out.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any university student that is interested in sport, basic and advanced military techniques, map reading, radio procedures, camouflage, weapons training and would like to earn an income whilst doing it.

On the social side there is a lively social scene, formal dinners and fancy dress parties.

The society certainly offers an abundance of opportunities to young people to improve their social, communication and employability skills and I was blown away by what they had to offer.

I had no idea that this opportunity existed so if you know of a young person who would benefit from this sort of society then just click on the link above for more details or find the OTC stand during University Freshers week.