An Outstanding Result

Life is so busy for me at the moment both at home and at work. I am certainly looking forward to having a little more time after next week as my students finish for the summer holidays. The last two weeks have been particularly hectic with friends coming to stay, working through painting all the rooms in my house plus balancing work, exercise and everyday home stuff. I have decided that my goal for the summer holiday is to have all the painting completed by the time I return to school in September!

Goals play such an important part of my coaching work. They provide focus, structure and often a strategy to move my clients forward in order to succeed in whatever it is they want to do.

Just recently I have been working with a student with anger management issues and setting goals has made a significant difference to what happens next in her education. The authorities were considering a move to a different school which was not what she wanted. In her coaching sessions we talked about what would happen in the future if she didn’t change and what would be different if she did. Asking the right questions enabled my student to:

  •  See things from different perspectives
  • Make an informed decision of what she wants in the future
  •  Set a variety of goals to achieve her required result

Her initial goals were:

  • To avoid getting into any more trouble with other students
  • To complete all school work and homework

To achieve her goals she was going to do the following:

  • Build her awareness of anger triggers and symptoms
  • Use the coping strategies in her toolbox
  • Utilise her support network
  • Shift her focus to having a better work ethic in school
  • Recognise progress no matter how big/small

Over the last couple of weeks this young lady has made fantastic progress and achieved her goals. The school has now decided to give her a second chance and put the move on hold to see how she gets on. This is an outstanding result for my student and with further coaching I am sure she will go on and make an even bigger difference. I am also very impressed with her school for listening and giving her the opportunity to work with me to make that positive change.

If you know of someone or a student that is struggling and would benefit from working with me then please contact me.