Summer Fun, Achievement and Focus

My summer holiday was fantastic and whilst I enjoyed myself I was also very productive. I had set myself a goal to paint every room of my house, which I finally completed last Monday! The help I received from my family enabled me to complete my task in three and a half months which I think is amazing so I had a glass of Prosecco to celebrate my achievement and admire my hard work.

I have now returned to school and the excitement and atmosphere of the new school year is very infectious and motivating. I love to hear what my students have been doing over the summer and where they have been, quite often to some beautiful and far away places.

For some of my students it can be quite unsettling as they start their two year run up to GCSE’s and A Levels and experience the realisation of all the hard work to come. An important part of my job as a coach is to assist them in finding a healthy balance between school and fun.

To enable them to deal with their workload and the pressure the work can bring we build a specific toolbox of techniques that will enable them to succeed over their busy years.

This is my favourite time of the year. I love the new school year with all the expectation, the start of autumn and the beautiful colours it brings to the world around us, my birthday in November and finally the vibrant and busy run up to Christmas and the social get togethers. This has such a positive effect on me and how I feel and I use that energy in my coaching sessions to lift and motivate my students.

I hope your September is going well and if you know of anyone that needs assistance with coaching then please contact me