Are you Listening?

My week both at school and home has been busy and challenging and my students have made me work hard in order to move them forward and get results.

Reflecting over my week has made me realise how much I use my listening skills and how important that skill is if I am to be an effective coach and parent.

Listening actively and consistently is a huge part of my job.  It is vital if I am to make a difference so that my students achieve their goals. If I am listening 100% then I hear everything that they are telling me which enables me to ask the right questions. This then prompts them into thinking how they can specifically move themselves forward and what action they need to take to succeed.

What active listening also does is allow me to hear what is not being said! This can be the one thing that people really need to do in order to move forward.  It is usually what they prefer not to do or feel uncomfortable about doing so they do not talk about it. Listening actively allows me to hear what that is and make sure that it does not get missed.

Having also worked with parents and teaching staff  to help them communicate effectively with teenagers, listening skills are usually the main area we agree needs to improve.

So how are you listening?

Are you missing out on what is not being said?

If you would like to listen and communicate effectively with your children/pupils/staff then please contact me.

Have an outstanding week.