Doing Something Different!

My week has been an interesting one which has seen me taking a different coaching approach, and putting on my trainers.

Understanding my students and listening to what makes them tick always gives me ideas to do something different and have some fun. In this case it certainly enabled me to move my student forward.

Football has never been one of my strengths although for one of my students it is a talent and a passion. I decided to change the format of our session by having it outside on the school playing field and asked him to coach me in order to improve my football skills.

I really struggled to stop any of the balls he kicked and he scored a goal every time.  He was quick to notice that I was losing focus on the ball as it came towards me so I had no chance of stopping it.  He gave me two pieces of advice:

  • To keep my focus on the ball all the time
  • To  turn my foot out and stop the ball with my instep

Having listened to his advice, I applied the knowledge and then managed to save three of his shots at goal. My improvement was significant and we discussed the difference that focus can make if we want to improve and achieve our goals.

Our session finished back in the classroom reflecting on what we had both learnt from doing something different. My student initially thought that he was not a good teacher and that improvement takes time. From our football coaching session he now knows that:

  • He does have some teacher/coaching skills
  • Change and improvement can be instant if we listen and apply new knowledge
  • Staying focused enables you to achieve your goals

It was fantastic for me to see my student smiling, laughing and doing something he enjoys. And he now fully understands the importance of staying focused if he is to succeed in school and in later life.

I thoroughly enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone by doing something different. If you know of a young person that would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.

Have a great half term, I will be practising my new football (and focus) skills and having fun with family and friends. See you in November.