Are your Life Balance Scales tipped in Favour of Fun?

I have just returned from an exciting and invigorating weekend doing a variety of fun stuff with some new coaching diploma students. Observing, encouraging and guiding people on a journey of discovery is such a rewarding and satisfying experience and certainly tips the balance in favour of fun and happiness for me.

Over the course of the weekend I have:

  • Increased my knowledge of different careers
  • Grown my network of like minded people
  • Shared my knowledge and experience to assist others in successfully achieving their goals
  • Watched outstanding coach and mentor, Curly Martin in action
  • Further developed my growth mindset and enhanced my learning and coaching skills
  • Been amazed at people’s ability to learn and push themselves out of their comfort zone
  • Laughed, smiled and thoroughly enjoyed myself

Driving back from the hotel at Heathrow I had time to reflect over the students and the activities of the weekend. Their final comments meant that I came away feeling happy and excited that I had made a positive difference to their learning experience. What a worthwhile way to spend a weekend and at the same time give something back to my coaching community.

What have you done this weekend to tip the life balance scales in the direction of fun and happiness? If you require assistance with improving your work/life balance, then contact me and start your journey of change.