Mindset over Matter!

I am reading a book called “Mindset – How You Can Fulfil Your Potential” by Dr Carol S. Dweck (ISBN 978-1-78033-200-0). It is a very interesting read and explores the differences between fixed and growth mindsets. The book explains that with the right mindset, people can raise academic grades and achieve their goals in both their personal and professional development.

At an early age most people adopt a particular view and this has a significant impact on the way they live their lives. Believing that everything is set in stone and that life is mapped out for you is part of the fixed mindset. This mindset creates a focused environment that works within a rigid framework. There is a constant need to prove yourself whether it is in the classroom, at work or at home. Fixed mindset people are very aware of their limitations and will only work within their acceptable level of ability.

The alternative is the growth mindset. This mindset is based on the belief that you can grow your qualities through opportunity, learning and effort. With this more flexible mindset,  everything comes from a starting point, change is embraced and people grow through application, experience and a willingness to explore new things.

Taking these mindsets into consideration and thinking about past teachers, lecturers, friends and managers, I now realise why I did well with some and not others. I am definitely a growth mindset person and the people I have achieved the most with have been of the same orientation.

When coaching in school, my students often mention that their interest has changed in a subject because they have a different teacher. Generally they say it is connected with the delivery of content, personality and intelligence of the new teacher. The teacher-pupil relationship certainly improves when mindsets are in alignment. A class with a growth mindset teacher would increase their subject knowledge from various perspectives and also be encouraged to develop a passion for learning.

I am off to read more of this fascinating book and see what else I can learn. Have a great week, and I would be interested to know: “Which Mindset are you?”