Beating the Christmas Bulge – Part 2

Following on from my blog last week, here are the rest of my top tips for Beating the Christmas Bulge!

On the seventh day of Christmas what can I give to you?

Day 7 – Remove Temptation

Don’t have lots of chocolates and sweets at home too early in December. Don’t buy them early if you know you will eat them and then go and buy more. Know your habits and work to win and not to fail. Disappointment in yourself is a feeling you want to avoid. Being aware of the issue can help you avoid being persuaded into having things to eat or drink that you don’t want.

Day 8 – Opportunity

Go and do a different activity – not necessarily just about food. Find a Christmas market and walk round and look at the crafts, ice skating, bowling, start a new class – pilates, yoga or even an INSANITY class. Don’t put it off just because it is December, start now as you will feel so much better come January and achievement is a great feeling to experience.

Day 9 – Energy

Sleep well. Go to bed earlier on the nights that you don’t have anything on, enjoy a good book or watch TV in bed and allow your body to rest and recharge your batteries. Eat sensibly and drink plenty of water, your body needs it to keep you going through this very busy period.

Day 10 – Treats

Go on – treat yourself and make time for you! Book yourself a massage, manicure, pedicure or hair appointment, put your feet up with a favourite book, magazine, or watch your favourite film with your feet up.  Make time to spoil yourself – you deserve it after what has to be done to get Christmas sorted for all the family.

Day 11- Excitement

Have some fun! Smile lots, it’s infectious and it makes us feel good. Try something different and see what results you get. Laughter is a great tonic for the mind, body and soul.

Day 12 – Achievement

Give yourself a pat on the back. Recognise your own hard work and acknowledge that fantastic feeling. Give your trumpet a little blow.

I hope there has been something useful for you in my festive tips  for ‘Beating the Christmas Bulge’ and remember:

Small changes go a long way to making a BIG Difference!!!!

A Very Merry Christmas to You All…