Beating the Christmas Bulge

We can all struggle in the build up to Christmas to keep our weight management plans on track. So, keeping the Christmas theme in mind and thinking about the carol The 12 days of Christmas, here are some top tips that I apply on the lead up to the 25th December:

Day 1 – Value

Make you a priority. This seems an odd thing to say at this time of year when most of us are spending hours on end organizing and doing things for everyone else. If we do not value ourselves and look after our well-being then how can we do it for everyone else. Make sure you take the time to sit down when you can with that favourite magazine or have a coffee with a friend.

Day 2 – Time

Planning and preparation is key. Think about your week and your social engagements. Plan your meals around them. If you are going to be eating lots of rich food and drinking more alchohol, think about reducing your meat content that week or replacing things with Quorn, trying more vegetarian dishes or just reducing protein and carb portion sizes and increasing vegetables and fruit.

Day 3 – Delegation

Delegate those tasks that can be done by other family members – you do not need to do everything yourself. Think and plan what needs to be done and what you can offload to create more time for the things you really need to do! Much better to be calm and organised than rushing round and stressed.

Day 4 – Activity

Keep moving. Walk where you can instead of using the car, don’t put things at the bottom of the stairs – take them up. Go to your exercise classes don’t make excuses, don’t we always feel good when we make ourselves go and come out with that feel good factor. Dancing is a great activity especially at this time of year and helps to burn off a few extra calories.

Day 5 – Strategy

Think about your danger areas. When attending parties, think about what sort of party it will be. Know yourself and acknowledge your weaknesses. If you are a grazing person like me then don’t stand near the buffet table, take what you want and move away then sit strategically where it is going to be difficult to get out and get more. Select a smaller plate and choose a small selection of what you like, do not deprive yourself. Smaller and sensible is much better and easier to maintain than ‘not at all’. Always have a glass of water on the go to drink between alchoholic drinks plus it will help with morning after headaches. Staying hydrated at this time of year is so important for a multitude of health reasons.

Day 6 – Focus

Think about what you want. For some people its about losing some weight before hand ready for the treats later on or maybe its about damage limitation and maintaining the status quo. For others its about having freedom to do everything that they like and then deal with it in January. Plan for what you want to achieve and know  your outcome for January do not leave it to chance.

Have a great week, good luck with the first six and tune in next week for my remaining Beat the Christmas Bulge tips………