Building Positive Relationships

This weekend I have been spending time with the Action for Children charity.

The charity has three voluntary roles which are:

  • Independent Visitors Service – To visit, advise, counsel and befriend a young person in a residential care or foster home
  • Advocate Service – Advocates support young people to ensure their thoughts, wishes and feelings are heard when decisions are being made about their futures
  • Mentor Service – To give young people in need an outlet for their feelings, a positive role model and an opportunity to strengthen coping mechanisms

Over the course of the weekend I was introduced to some young people and the volunteers who work with them. It was amazing to find out that they had been together for many years. Watching them together was fascinating and learning how they had built their relationship based on respect, trust and fun was both heart warming and inspirational.

If you know of a young person that is struggling and would benefit from life coaching or would like to know more about the voluntary work that I do then please contact me.