Substances, Young People and Education

As my coaching work develops so does my exposure to young people who are struggling with illegal substances.

The issues young people are having can be from the effects of personal use or indirectly by means of increased worry, stress or anxiety for a friend who is taking a substance.

In my experience I have found that most young people have not done their research around the substance they have decided to take and the effects it has on their body and cognitive function.

Having more information and coaching can help them to make a more informed decision as to whether this is something that is beneficial to them and their life.

There are a number of informative websites that young people can go to and find out more information:

Looking at some of my student feedback and what has been most effective has been:

  • Having someone that listens
  • Being able to talk without being judged
  • Feeling supported
  • Access to useful information
  • Not being told what to do

My coaching sessions enable young people to evaluate their current situation and then explore what they might want to change. We then put plans and strategies into place for them to achieve their goals and move them forward. Quite often just shifting their focus and making a small change can make a huge difference.

If you know of a young person that is struggling in life and would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.