Communication and Children’s Mental Health Week

This week is children’s mental health week which runs from 5-11 February 2018.

Many charities are getting involved to raise awareness around mental health and where young people can go to get help.

You can find lots of information at Place2Be so why not have a look and get involved.

A significant part of my coaching work involves working with young people who are struggling in life. This can be for a variety of reasons and very often it relates to their mental health.

Offering young people a safe, familiar and comfortable environment to talk is very important if they are to open up about their worries and fears.  Once they start to talk then it is vital that we listen actively and allow them to speak without interrupting.

Assisting them in taking small, gradual  steps within their own limits is how I encourage them to move forward. My job is to help them remove the obstacles that get in the way of them achieving what they want to do.

If you know a young person that is struggling in life and would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.