Reflection and Direction for 2018

Happy 2018 Everybody and I hope you all had a great time over the holidays. I had a fantastic time with friends and family and it was lovely to have my daughter home from university as I had not seen her for several months.

This week I have returned to school to my coaching students and it has been amazing to hear all about their celebrations and the fun they have had. Many of them have already thought about what they want to achieve this year and have started to work on their goals and timelines.

January is definitely a time for reflection. It has been interesting to look back over the past year and acknowledge the things that I have achieved and the fun I have had with family and friends. It certainly gives me food for thought regarding what I want to do this year.

If I look back over the last four years since I set up SimplyPositive, it is unbelievable how my business has grown in so many different directions. When I first started I mainly coached students in school on a one to one basis. Over the last couple of years my work has organically grown where I now also:

  • Lead group workshops
  • Work with teaching staff
  • Visit students at home
  • Work with parents

I am excited to see what 2018 holds for both me and my clients and who knows where we will end up over the year.

If you know of anyone that is struggling with anxiety, motivation or is stuck in a rut and would benefit from life coaching, then please contact me.