Do I need to buy a Dually Halter for my horse?

Do you have a horse that barges, takes off when being led or will not load? If your answer is yes to any of these then you need a Dually Halter.
The Dually Halter designed by Monty Roberts can be used as an ordinary headcollar until you clip onto the side training rings when it then becomes a pressure and release training aid.
If you do purchase this type of halter you then need to learn how to use it correctly if you want results.
I have heard people say “It makes no difference” and “They do not work”. Just by putting a Dually on a horse does not mean your horse will no longer run off or drop off the side of the ramp when trying to load.
If you have bought your Dually from Intelligent Horsemanship (IH) then you will receive a DVD explaining about the halter and how to use it. It is really important that you watch the DVD or seek advice from someone who knows how to use one or preferably have it fitted by an IH Recommended Associate (RA).
Fitting the halter on your horse is also very important as it needs to be fitted more snugly than an ordinary headcollar so that the rope engages when pressure is applied otherwise it will not be as effective.
Practising getting your timing right regarding when to apply pressure and immediately releasing once your horse has done what you have asked is imperative. It took me a few weeks to get it right and between 3 to 6 months to perfect my technique. Obviously all horses are different and learn at various rates but please do give it time.
The Dually Halter saved me from permanent neck and shoulder damage and played a vital part in teaching my horse how to load calmly and quietly. Once I had taught her pressure and release she understood what I wanted her to do in a non-aggressive, firm but fair way. Her barging and running off were also greatly reduced and I have to say it is the best piece of horse kit I have purchased to date.
So in answer to my question, if you have a horse, no matter what age or stage of training, and you are getting undesired behaviour, then YES you need a Dually Halter. They come in various sizes and I think they even do a tiny one for ponies.