Why join a business networking group?

Four months ago I was really doubtful about joining a ladies business networking group.
I was worried about the cost and the commitment and whether it was going to be beneficial to me and my business. What was the group going to do for me?
I decided to invest my money and joined Athena last April. After several meetings it became clear that my initial expectation of “what will it do for me?” was really not how things worked. I soon started to understand that the question I needed to be asking was “what can I do for my group members?” Spotting opportunities and recommending fellow members means that if we are all looking out for each other then all our businesses grow!
I have met some fantastic business ladies and got myself an accountant who I can trust, a Reiki practitioner who helps me to relax and made lots of new contacts along the way.
For me it has been a life enriching and beneficial experience which I would thoroughly recommend.