Emotional Intelligence for Primary School Children

I love a bit of variety and this week I have not only been coaching, I have also been working with staff from local primary schools about ways in which they can help to increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in younger children.

The staff learnt about the four main components of EQ:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

We looked at simple strategies and mindful activities that could be done in the classroom to encourage young people to talk about how they are feeling and different ways of expressing their emotions.

Emotions play a big part in the choices and decisions young people make. Not being able to express how they feel on a particular day can also lead to poor choices and decisions which in turn can mean them experiencing more negative emotions like anger, frustration and confusion.

Building emotional intelligence as early as possible means that young people have more understanding about life especially regarding how they feel and the choices and actions they take. EQ encourages young people to be resilient so that they can bounce back when things do not always go to plan.

Combine EQ with a growth-mindset and some Mindfulness and a young person has the main ingredients to create a happy, contented and successful life.

If you know of teaching staff or a young person that would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.