Energised and Motivated for the Week Ahead?

Why is it that when we do something different, not only does it change our physical state, it alters our perspective and opinions, too?

I have had a week off from coaching as it has been the half term holidays, so here was my opportunity to do something new for me!

Not wanting to waste this time, I decided to make a plan of things I wanted to achieve over the week. My week was very busy and I am pleased to say that everything on my ‘to do’ list was completed and I exceeded my expectations in many respects.

A number of things on my list had been around for quite some time and were starting to get me down. Just writing them down and then putting a number of importance next to them kick started me into action and my energy levels started to rise. I was eager to start and once I had a few quick wins under my belt then the rest of my tasks easily followed suit.

The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment was amazing, especially knowing that I had:

  • Cleaned my entire house
  • Spent quality time with my daughter
  • Lay in bed and rested
  • Rung my Auntie to catch up
  • Bought four new car tyres
  • Been to the opticians and had my eyes tested
  • Gone to a new Yoga class taught by a friend
  • Completed my assignments for my Mindfulness Diploma
  • Finished a book that I have had on the go for some time – and started a new one
  • Been to the Dentist for a check up
  • Spent quality time with friends and family having supper and enjoying their company
  • Defrosted my garage freezer (I have been getting round to doing this for the last 2 years!)

A lot of my tasks were very simple but I had allowed them to build up and, as a result, so had the pressure of not succeeding. Making a list and factoring in some time made a huge difference and once I saw some tasks ticked off my list then there was no stopping me! My plan for my Mindfulness Diploma was to get eight of the eleven assignments done, and completing all of them and submitting my work for marking was way beyond what I originally planned to do. It just goes to show how outstanding we can be if we prepare, plan and organise our time.

The positive impact of my achievements means that I will return to work, able to coach my students in an even more happy, confident and energised state, and who knows what amazing and outstanding results will come from it!

Completing tasks and doing something different can be very fulfilling and motivating. So go on, tempt those taste buds with something new! See what you can achieve  and who knows what positive effect it will have on your working week.