Success and Results! Did you get them this week?

I have had a fantastic week. I have had success both in coaching my students and also in taking on a completely new experience. In both cases I obtained results which enabled me to get to that amazing ‘sense of achievement’ feeling.

Firstly, this week I signed off one of my students who came to me initially because of panic and anxiety attacks. We have been working on different techniques and building up a toolbox of coping strategies, especially distraction tools such as:

  • Focused breathing
  • Mind games using counting, the alphabet and films
  • Visualisation of peaceful, happy, calm experiences
  • Circle of Excellence and the necessary skills
  • Change of State, using music or personal experiences
  • Planning and preparation for events

Building these tools and discussing how to use them has been pivotal in increasing my student’s confidence and self-esteem. Through regular practice at home and in low stress situations she has fine tuned her technique to perfection. She now has the knowledge and expertise to apply the right strategy in a confident and self assured manner in order to succeed. Watching a student on their journey of discovery and seeing them turn a corner is the reason I do this job – and what an amazing experience it is.

Secondly, I had lots of fun doing something completely different with my family and friends over the weekend. We all went for an off road Segway experience in the woods. Although the weather was a little uncertain and the conditions wet, we were not put off. The fear of the unknown was certainly apparent as we set off through the woods, slightly unbalanced and wobbly as we flew over tree roots and up and down water filled ditches. Going through my first ditch certainly increased my fear factor and my adrenalin level but I pushed through this uncomfortable zone and succeeded. The sense of achievement afterwards was amazing and I am so glad I did it. By the time our session came to an end it was amazing to see the transformation we had gone through in an hour. We went from apprehensive, wobbly, nervous students to steady, confident and excited Segway drivers.

Having fun and being happy certainly changes our state of mind so when we experience feelings like that, how differently do we look at our world and what is happening to us? The happiness we get from success also has a major impact on the action we take and the results we get. Have an outstanding half term everyone – get out there and have some fun, and see what a positive effect it has.