Feeling Amazing!

I have just had the most amazing Birthday with my family and friends!

Last week I had a party to celebrate my 50th Birthday, and seeing many of my family and friends and spending time with everyone is what really made it for me.

Life changes so quickly these days and it is not until we spend time together that we learn the most about our nearest and dearest and what has changed for them. My party really showed me how my group of family and friends is constantly growing and evolving.

Some things that I noticed:

  • My nieces and godchildren are growing up into gorgeous and funny people who bring me great joy
  • My friends and I still like the things we used to do and still do them today which makes me very happy
  • I love the fact that my family is growing and new members are coming to join us
  • The smiling and laughter that still comes with getting together with everyone
  • The reminiscing over old times
  • The love and support never goes away

Reflecting over my party made me realise how lucky I am to be part of this outstanding group of people and my priority from now on is to spend more quality time with all of them.

Sometimes we just take for granted what is under our noses. My intention this year is to reflect and recognise what I have around me and embrace it more in my daily life.  I also received some stunning and beautiful gifts and feel very blessed and I have some wonderful things to look forward to next year as well.

I have decided to keep a gratitude diary over the coming year. At bedtime I will be reflecting over my day and writing 5 things that I am grateful or thankful for that have come from my day. Switching my focus to all the good things in my day is certainly going to have a positive impact on my mindset and approach. It will be interesting to see what difference it makes and I have a feeling it can only be good.

I can honestly say it has been fun to turn fifty and I look forward to seeing what my year brings.

Have a great week.