Have Fun, Achieve More!

Just recently my work and social life have been very hectic, so managing and balancing my time has been quite a challenge.

My school coaching and mentoring work is growing significantly. As mock exams approach and the GCSE machine starts to rumble,  stress and anxiety starts to build in my students.

On a social front, for some reason everyone seems to want to get together before the Christmas party mayhem commences. My social calendar has never been so busy in November!

Reflecting back over the last few weeks and acknowledging what I have achieved has been very interesting. What I had not realised is the amount of things I had combined, incorporated and completed in this busy period. Not only that – I have managed to balance work and fun whilst being mindful of my own well-being.

Here are some of my top tips for maintaining a balanced life:

  • Be specific and clear about what goals you want to achieve – both work and leisure
  • Stay focused and don’t let anything distract you
  • Have fun, laugh lots and feel good about yourself
  • Be flexible, sometimes things need to be moved around/changed
  • Embrace the growth mindset approach
  • Be aware and mindful of others feelings/emotions
  • Communicate effectively
  • Look after yourself – eat well, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep
  • Acknowledge your achievements and treat yourself
  • Do more of what makes you happy

Have a great week and achieve lots. If you need assistance with time management or focusing and achieving your goals then contact me.