Increase Productivity – Have Fun

I have had a fantastic week by changing my weekly routine and varying my activities. The difference it has made for me both physically and emotionally has been remarkable.

My daughter went away for the week so my husband and I went out for supper on several occasions; we walked to the pub for a few beers, attended the local pub quiz night, caught up with friends we had not seen for a while and took a day off to test drive new cars and have lunch out.

As a result, I now feel refreshed, energised and motivated about the week to come. I have planned and prepared what I need to do for work this week and completed tasks on my ‘To Do’ list that have been on there for some time. It also fired me into action to tidy up my front and back garden. After four hours of hard work I sat down with a cold drink and appreciated all my hard work. This is a job that has been on my list for a few months so  the feeling of achievement is amazing.

I am certainly looking forward to work this week. The change of routine has given me the drive and motivation to plan and prepare my weekly goals, increased my work focus and raised my positive mental approach. I know I am going to have a good week and will use my energy to obtain some outstanding results for my coaching clients.

Why don’t you have a go at doing something different this week and see what positive impact it has on you?

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