Mind-Maps, Collaboration and Fun For Anxiety Awareness

Young people are so amazing to work with and their ideas and approach to life can be so inspirational and innovative.

Whenever I do an anxiety workshop in school, I always come away learning something new from my students.

Their enthusiasm and willingness to share their experiences means that everyone always leaves with something to think about or do at a later date.

Their facial expression, body language and tonality is so infectious. The way that they want to capture their experiences is also very interesting and we use a variety of different methods from:

  • Lists
  • Mind-Maps
  • Drawings
  • Verbal Communication

Working collaboratively with other students of a similar age means that they feel less inhibited and more able to share their personal experiences.

On this workshop I had assistance from an older student who had also suffered from anxiety. My year 11 students appreciated hearing about their anxiety journey and what had worked for them to keep stress levels down. They also enjoyed my older student taking part in their group exercises and supporting them through the workshop.

The student feedback from my workshops is positive and by building their self-awareness, creating a toolbox of coping strategies and identifying their support network most of them reduce their anxiety significantly.

If you know of a young person that is struggling with anxiety around school/exams or on a personal basis, or a group of students that would benefit from my anxiety workshop then please contact me.