Prepare, Plan and Practice for Success!

A personal post from me…

I have finally gone and done it! I have registered to do the Moonwalk in London on the 14th May 2016 to raise money for Breast Cancer. I will be walking 26.2 miles through the night along the London Marathon route with lots of other ladies, whilst wearing our bra on the outside of our T-shirt.

With the easy bit of signing up out of the way, now it is time to get down to the real work of planning and preparing for the big event so that I achieve my goal and get to the finish line 26.2 miles later.

I am currently investigating suitable footwear and clothing and reading all the training information on the Moonwalk website. I have also started to set some daily goals on my Fitbit to build up strength and stamina over the next few weeks. Yesterday I walked 29,241 steps and I will be walking at least 10,000 steps each day next week and increasing it again next weekend. I attended a hot Yogalates class today to increase my strength and muscletone. I will continue to attend the gym three times a week and go to my regular Yoga and Zumba class as well.

By being specific and realistic with my goals and tracking my progress I can measure what I am doing and make sure that what I am doing is achievable and within the timescale that I have set myself.

I also intend to increase my water intake, reduce alcohol and structure my meals around a clean and healthy eating regime. If I am putting in lots of hard work I do not want to ruin that by eating and drinking rubbish.

My motivation and determination levels are high at the moment and as the weeks go by and it gets harder that is where my positive attitude and growth mindset will be required. I am looking forward to finding out more about myself as I move along my Moonwalk journey and find out what I am really capable of and who knows I might even lose some weight along the way.

I will keep you updated on my progress over the coming months.

If you are having trouble achieving your goals and would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.