Shift Focus – Get Results

Signing off a student knowing that I have enabled them to make changes to their life, grow their confidence and self-esteem is an amazing part of my job. I feel privileged to be part of their journey and it is very satisfying to see them go off happier, more contented and armed with a toolbox of skills and strategies.

With most students it takes 6-8 weeks of life coaching to obtain results. Some students need coaching over a longer period depending on their situation. The aim is to build confidence, emotional awareness and understanding. During the sessions I cover:

  • Their beliefs of who they are and who they want to be
  • Understanding that they do have choice and control and that they can take responsibility for themselves
  • Core values and what is important to them in life
  • Goal setting around what they want to achieve
  • Mindfulness
  • Reflection of the previous year regarding what they have achieved, what disappointed them, the roles they played and what they have learnt about themselves
  • Focus for the coming year, what do they want, what do they need to do more of, who is their support network and how are they going to achieve it

In my experience of working with young people I have noticed that what they actually come to address in the sessions is not usually the main issue. By taking a holistic approach and looking at all areas of life, it is often something else that is having an impact and so by shifting the focus elsewhere then progress starts to be made.

Take Trichotillomania as an example. Young people with this disorder pull their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes out, sometimes in response to something that distresses them in life. Uncovering what distresses them and what areas of life they are struggling with can assist them in understanding where the root of the problem may be. With that area identified we can then work on building a toolbox of coping strategies around their specific needs. Addressing the root cause and dealing with it usually means that Trichotillomania starts to decrease and eventually goes away, at which point hair regrowth occurs.

If you know of a someone who is struggling in life and would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.