Psychology and Mental Health

I am currently studying a course on FutureLearn in conjunction with the University of Liverpool about Psychology and Mental Health and the debate about whether it is nature or nurture which has most influence.

Understanding why we behave as we do is a fascinating subject for me. As I work with my clients I learn a lot about what makes them tick.  I then coach them to use this information to move themselves forward and achieve success.

There are some very thought provoking articles regarding mental health from The Royal College of Psychiatrists and also the ‘New Laws of Psychology’ by Peter Kinderman. I was also interested to read the different perspectives of Professor John Quinn PhD, Dr John Read and Dr Philip Goff and the causes they attribute to mental health.

As my coaching practice grows so does my thirst for knowledge around psychology and neuroscience and the impact it has on our actions and behaviours. Mental health issues are certainly on the increase and it is a major reason that my clients come to me for coaching. The more I learn around the subject the more effective I can be for my clients.

I am looking forward to the next five weeks of learning and also in deciding what my perspective on the ‘nature or nurture’ debate will be by the end of the course. At the moment I feel it could be a combination of biological and social influence although I will be keeping an open mind and I am happy to be persuaded otherwise.

If you know of someone who is struggling in life and would benefit from coaching then please contact me.