Ruby Wax, Mental Health and Frazzled M&S Cafes

I was interested to see the article in The Guardian this week about a new initiative from M&S regarding mental health and their cafes–marks-and-spencer-frazzled-cafes

Having worked with young people and mental health over the last three years it is fantastic to see that more people are listening and getting involved in making a difference to those that are struggling.

I am passionate about coaching people to have a more confident, happy and successful life.  In my school work I see so many young people struggling with their mental health and well being who feel they are unable to talk about it or that nobody wants to listen.

I am pleased to see that large organisations like M&S want to get involved by offering opportunities for people to open up about their mental health and well being. If using celebrities like Ruby Wax raises the profile around mental health then surely it cannot be a bad thing.

If you know someone that is anxious or struggling in life and would benefit from life coaching then please contact me.