Do You Have an Anxious Exam Student?

Last week I received some fantastic feedback from a group of school students who had completed my Exam Anxiety Workshop. The comments were very positive and constructive and all the participants took something away that they felt would enable them to manage their stress levels in the run up to exams.

Some of the positive benefits reported back were:

  • Increasing their knowledge of anxiety and how it affects the human body
  • Identifying their specific triggers and symptoms
  • Receiving useful tips on things to do when anxious
  • Learning about distraction techniques
  • Finding out how to stay calm as pressure builds
  • Having music in the background whilst completing exercises
  • Getting different perspectives around anxiety
  • Having a workbook to take away and refer back to
  • Creating a support network and how to use it
  • Working collaboratively and sharing experiences

Finding out that they thought the  workshop was calming, relaxing and fun and that it was delivered in a friendly and interesting way is amazing feedback for me.  I also noted some very useful suggestions on how I can continue to improve the content, which I am currently implementing before my next workshop in the coming week.

As exam pressures and mental health issues increase it is parents and education providers that are constantly challenged to find more help and support for young people.  This is not an easy job especially with the reduction of government funding for schools that  is currently happening.

If you know a young person struggling with anxiety or you are part of an education establishment that would like me to come in to deliver my workshop then please contact me.