Transitioning Back to School or Work

It is that time of year where young people are going back to school and parents are returning to their usual work routine. Quite often over the summer holidays parents change their working habits to be around more for children by working from home, changing working hours or taking time off. Come September, the transition back to normal daily routine commences. For parents and students this can be a difficult and unsettling period – resulting in an increase of┬ápanic and anxiety.

Here are my top 5 tips for a successful transition back to your school or work environment this week:

  • Emotional Intelligence – Be aware of your own feelings and those around you, be mindful and act accordingly. Set yourself up for success rather than failure
  • Mindset – Maintain a growth mindset rather than being fixed, be open to opportunities, look for positives in all situations, reflect on experiences and do more of what is working for you and less of what is not!
  • Goals – Have a focus, put plans and strategies in place, monitor your progress and celebrate your successes
  • Communication – Avoid disappointment and frustration by talking to family, friends and colleagues. Be clear about what you want to happen and do not leave things to chance
  • Fun – Know what makes you happy, contented and joyful and do lots of it and when the going gets tough your joyful times will help you through and assist you with the work/life balance

Being flexible, embracing change and having things to look forward to will certainly contribute towards a more smooth transition back to school/work.

If you are struggling to make a change then life coaching could be the solution especially if you want to change something in one of the following areas:

Health and Lifestyle







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