Want to Maintain Your Success?

Have you ever made a change in your life and then not maintained your success?  Ever reverted back to an old habit after making good progress towards your original goal? Did you ask yourself what was it that stopped you from obtaining long term success? If you did not ask yourself that question then that could be the reason why you did not fully accomplish your goal in the first place.

Successful people always do the following in order to succeed:

  • Reflect on their progress by looking at what went well and also what did not go so well
  • Stay in control no matter how tough the situation is
  • Move on if something is not working
  • Tolerate discomfort and work through situations until they achieve what they want
  • Embrace change and always be prepared to try
  • Think productively and expend their energy wisely
  • Constantly evaluate their core beliefs
  • Maintain a happy and positive outlook
  • Kind and mindful of others
  • Take calculated risks
  • Have an abundance of staying power
  • Accept full responsibility for their actions and behaviour
  • Work alone or as part of a team
  • Recognise and acknowledge the hardwork of others
  • Maintain a good Work/Life Balance

Following the above principles will enable you to build your mental strength and increase your ability to succeed and maintain the changes you want to make in life. If you require assistance in making a change in your life then please contact me.