Why Planning is Key for Success!

As I enable my students to achieve what they want in life, I have noticed that I am doing more coaching around planning and preparing to make a change.

In most cases my clients understand that goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related. Combine that with determination and focus then change will happen. The question I am often asked is, how do I maintain my goals and succeed long-term?

The key for success is to plan, prepare and practice!
Most students tend to focus on the end result and spend less time on planning how they are going to get there, by what means and how to sustain it. Effective questioning enables me to coach my clients to create their own strategy for achievement that is personal to them. Success is more likely if it comes from within rather than suggested by someone else.

So what needs to be considered when planning and preparing to make a change?

  • Keep things simple
  • Who can assist in the process (family, friends, colleagues)
  • Continuous communication with your support network
  • What things are needed? (transport, music, calm, books)
  • What coping strategies are required? (breathing, visualisation, mind games, music,)
  • Set the scene
  • What do you NOT want?  (anxiety, arguing, distractions, frustration)
  • What DO you want? (calm, peace, happiness, confidence)
  • Set yourself up for success rather than failure
  • Emotional Intelligence – the awareness of emotions and behaviours in self and others
  • Know your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Maintain a positive mindset

Putting these things into place before attempting any action will certainly increase your chances for success. Practice and repetition will also make your conscious and unconscious mind aware of what needs to happen. In the event of a change, nerves or anxiety then it is the unconscious practiced mind that will take over and enable you to succeed with your actions.

It takes between 40 – 70 repetitions before the brain identifies change and acknowledges it as a new habit so if you want to maintain your success, remember to plan, prepare and practice, practice, practice!

Have an outstanding week and contact me if you want coaching to success.