Mindfulness for Everyday Well Being and Peak Performance

Over the last month I have been studying a Mindfulness course with the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia with Dr Craig Hassed – Associate Professor and Coordinator of Mindfulness Programs and Dr Richard Chambers – Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Consultant.

We have been looking at:

  • the impact that being distracted and inattentive has on our performance and executive functioning
  • how being more mindful (attentive, engaged and being present in everyday life) can improve performance and executive functioning
  • the effect of  rumination on our effectiveness
  • the power of curiosity and how we can cultivate it
  • how our default mode can lead to getting stressed
  • effectiveness when multitasking
  • how unitasking and efficient attention switching can benefit us
  • how distraction and procrastination can impact us in the workplace
  • managing our emotions

Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present moment and not thinking about what has happened in the past or thinking about what is going to happen in the future. To bring yourself into the current moment, Mindfulness focuses on the breath and your attention to the sensations you can feel in your body as they are currently happening. It is also about being non-judgemental and considering others as well as yourself.

Mindfulness is something that many of my students find useful for dealing with anxiety, anger, self-harm and also sleep issues. With regular practice they find it has a positive impact on their well being and performance both in and out of school.

If you would like to know more about Mindfulness and how I use it with my students or if you know of someone that would benefit from coaching with me then please contact me.